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  • Melvin Mathews

Mobile transparency: the key enabler for predictive analytics

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

In a previous blog, I had discussed the evolution of data and communication in the marine industry and how predictive analytics is the next big thing. By presenting possible near-future scenarios like upcoming bad weather, a sudden decrease in engine efficiency, or a more fuel-efficient route, predictive analytics means your key personnel can make more informed decisions to improve safety and efficiency.

However, the best information is of little use if it is not viewed by the right people at the right time. Even the delay of opening the laptop or dialling up someone by phone, waiting for a response, and discussing the problem can mean vital time is lost when it comes to potential safety issues. Waiting for daily reports also means that easy ways to improve efficiency through, for example, route changes, speed changes or trim are lost. Luckily, advances in mobile access at sea and the processing power of modern mobile technology means that we don’t need specialized equipment to deliver targeted notifications inside an organization – after all, almost everyone has a smartphone. That means your people can rely on their own phones, tablets, or even smart watches to get the information they need, 24/7.

Mobile notification is not only about reacting more quickly to safety issues. The ability to push information effortlessly across an organization means you can make better decisions and find new ways to save costs – and improve your business. It also ensures that everybody is on the same page, at the same time, when a decision is made.

Do you see a place for mobile notifications in your fleet?

Let me know your thoughts.

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