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TV Interview - South Korean prime time news

Most colossal ship order in history: impact on Korean shipyards.

Qatar’s state-run LNG producer signed agreements with South Korea’s “Big 3” shipyards to secure more than 100 ships, in the largest-ever single LNG vessel order. How significant is this deal in the industry?

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Global Big Data Award

Collected the Lloyd's List Global Big Data Award. Talk about how data analytics helps with decision support in shipping and how data driven vessel operations can give a competitive advantage.

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GST & Shipping 2030 - Interview

A chat about recent acquisitions, the vision for 2030 and the plan to get there.

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Smarts Ships - Interview

Smart technology is dependent on the end user. Technology is a mere enabler, it is us that makes things smart. Are we using more jargon than we should?

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