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eFM Interview - South Korean current affairs

News broadcaster & current affairs host Mr. Henry Shinn discusses the impact of Qatar Petroleum's $19.1 billion newbuilding order for South Korean shipyards & what they must do to ensure their survival.

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185X Podcast - What drives entrepreneurs

What drives entrepreneurs is literally the freedom of finding business values in places where most people think it doesn’t exist or finding something that is hard to do. It involves a lot of imagination, rethinking things, sandboxing and most importantly working with an amazing team of energetic, multi-skilled, very bright – sometimes opinionated – and a really focused and self-driven bunch of people

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Shipping Podcast - New maritime paradigm

A discussion about the need for new visionary leadership within the maritime industry. The new perspective that the Millenials are bringing to a traditional and conservative industry. Some speculation of what things might look like in the future.

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