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  • Melvin Mathews

Has the time arrived for a different type of container?

Cargoes come in various forms. Depending on the type, weight or volume of the cargo, the logistics and transportation options across the global supply chain traditionally are mainly bulk shipment and in ISO GP (General Purpose) containers of 20 feet and 40 feet (ie, a rectangular shaped box). Therefore, depending on the type and nature of cargo, the supply chain must have options available for efficient and productive transportation of each cargo.

The global supply chain operations need to be simple, efficient, sustainable and scalable. A new transportation concept has been developed and is in existence with the aim of being multi-purpose and hybrid use. This container is hexagonal shaped container (HGC) with many inherent benefits.

The supply chain operational requirements can easily be met by the operations of the hexagonal shaped container (HGC). Both GP & HGC containers can cater to and together solve all the major operational issues in the global supply chain including last mile connectivity and backhaul cargoes.

Benefits of the HGC shape:

  • Centre of Gravity which gives the freedom to lift from a single point and making handling operations easy, safe and fast.

  • For a lower perimeter area it provides greater volume which means the manufacturing and material costs are lower.

  • Better heat dispersion quality makes refrigeration more efficient. It takes less time in cooling the whole container.

HGC benefits when arranged in honeycomb structure:

  • Interlocking with adjacent containers

  • Enhanced group strength & stability

  • Heat dissipation qualities when arranged in honeycomb pattern.

When it comes to containerising all cargoes globally, irrespective of the type and nature, there exists an alternate container in the form of HGC containers. While currently GP ISO containers primarily carry and are well suited for packaged cargoes, HGC containers can play a complimentary role in containerisation, by being the default container for the carriage of bulk cargoes. HGC containers will therefore supplement the existing GP ISO container operations to enable further efficiency in transportation of all cargoes across the global supply chain.

Let us know your thoughts.

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