Its not just about big data

Like the hot tropical sun ‘Big Data’ seems to have appeared on the horizon of several new industries. Industries such as Shipping, Mining, Oil and Gas, etc. that were not in the initial footprint of Big Data appear to be feeling the early subtle heat. Although conservative and steeped in tradition, the promise of better insights and quest for higher profits has made many curious about big data. Not to be left behind many companies have joined the bandwagon by either making ea

Performance: the new word on the block in the shipping industry (Part 2)

Planned Maintenance System (PMS) PMS allowed ship owners or operators to carry out routine maintenance (predominantly by the ship’s crew) at predetermined intervals. The obvious reason for introducing PMS was due to the prohibitive costs associated with breakdown and emergency repairs. Especially profound were failures that were likely to result in total loss, claims from injuries or excessive downtime. The real challenge with a breakdown was its unpredictability, i.e., when

Performance: the new word on the block in the shipping industry (Part 3)

Performance Based Maintenance System (PBM) In the current economic climate Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) appears deficient as it only ensures that the condition of the vessel is acceptable for breakdown free routine operations. This performance however may not be adequate to remain competitive commercially. With real time monitoring, the shipping industry has entered the age where the maintenance of vessels will from now on be based purely on their performance. Monitoring

Performance: the new word on the block in the shipping industry (Part 1)

The Shipping industry has progressed a great deal over the last century. In the last few decades we have progressively made merchant ships operationally safe and thereafter taken swift action to ensure their security. Both safety and security have been predominantly achieved by regulatory waves. These have come one after the other, driven by dangerous accidents and disastrous events. Recently however on the top of everybody’s mind is how to keep themselves in the green, both

The impact of a leader's first meeting

Early in my career I was called into a meeting along with all other employees to be addressed by the new head of the company. He announced that he didn't know any of us, but he had this impression that we were all incompetent and had to improve or leave the company. Towards the end of his speech he challenged us to prove his assumptions about us to be wrong. It surprised me that someone who was meeting us for the first time and had limited understanding and appreciation of ou

MRV - More teeth than SEEMP

A product Eniram intuitively developed several years ago precisely for the monitoring and recording of vessel performance is come to the forefront with the MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) initiative being proposed by the EU for monitoring reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transportation. This product which is widely installed on our customer’s vessels is known simply as the EVP (Eniram Vessel Platform) and is in fact the dynamic data collection


The future of shipping lies in having the technological expertise to measure vessel performance in order to achieve optimal fuel efficiencies and support regulatory demands. Given the increasing fuel costs and environmental pressures on compliance, freight rates are now very close to operating costs, leading to razor-thin margins, and, in many cases, operating losses. It is not surprising that given the confluence of business conditions in the maritime industry, companies are